3 Days 2 Nights Tour of Similan Islands with staying on the boat

The Similan Islands tour was another trip that I expected to do. At this time, I traveled to stay in Phuket for 1 night at Sleep Room Guesthouse before went to Phang Nga. In the morning, the van picked me up to Thup Lamu Harbor, Pang nga for travel to the Similan Islands.

You have to try to understand a little that the Similan Islands consist of many islands. Therefore, if we call Similan Island (Koh Similan), it’s incorrect. You have to call them Similan Islands” (Mu Koh Similan).

I departed from Thup Lamu Harbor for diving at the first site in front of Se Island. The boat took me to dive two sites in the morning. Then I went on to dive two more sites in the afternoon.

similan islands thailand
Nemo in Huang Chang Bay (Pad Island), the Similan Islands

Each dive site depend on the consideration of the guides who are stationed in the boats that where they can take us to dive. Moreover, they must check the height of waves and many factors. Don’t worry about these because we can dive every site that they told certainly.

The popular dive sites in the Similan Islands are Se Island, Jed Island, Pad Island (Huang Chang Bay), and Kao Island (Ta Kea Bay). If it is possible, I would like to recommend you to choose the 3 days 2 nights tour of the Similan Islands because you can dive, watch views and beaches, swim and rest completely. It can tell that clear Similan.

The residences on the Similan Islands were the national park’s residences where had located on Se Island and Pad Island. Food and toilets were provided, but the electricity weren’t provided from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. There were two types of the residences – namely tents and rooms.
Another option was sleeping on the boat overnight that it anchored in front of Pad Island. These potions depended on considerations of the travel agents’ management. Thus you should ask them clearly.
There were only 3G Signal on Se Island, but I thought that it was good. Because I traveled once in a while, I should stop looking at the telephone. As well as, I should return to keep the memories of the Similan Islands’ clear sea water. Is that right?

The Similan Islands’ outstanding is the very clear sea water. In brief, if you are on the sea, you almost think that the boat is floating in the air. In addition, the sand of all the islands and beaches is absolutely off-white and clean.

similan islands thailand
The very clear sea water in front of Se Islands, the Similan Islands
The people who are afraid of diving or unable to swim can also dive at the seashore. Therefore, you can see the colorful fish near the seashore definitely.

Can you tour the Similan Islands within a day?  I can tell you that you can, but you may dive only two sites, as well as you may swim and rest on only one beach.

The tourists were crowded from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. because they had to stop for lunch and swimming at the beach.

Do you believe that after 3 p.m. until 10 a.m. of a new day, the Similan Islands is the paradise for the people who are staying on the islands because there isn’t a tourist on the island?

Consequently, if you want to experience the Similan Islands quietly or the romance with your important person, you have to stay on the islands. It may be 1 night or 2 nights as you like.

similan islands thailand
A view point on Se Islands, the Similan Islands
The Similan Islands have not only the blue sea water and the off-white sand but also they have the wonderful world under the sea. You shouldn’t miss seeing them. Thus, when you have time to go there, you shouldn’t miss getting the happiness in all styles.

At this time, I went to Similan with staying on the boat. I dived satisfyingly. Therefore, if whoever would like to see my review of the 3 days 2 nights tour of the Similan Islands, you have to look forward to seeing them for a while.