Travel to Pai and Pang Aung Mae Hong Son Province Completely without a Private Car

 Pai Thailand

Although, Pai is crowden of tourists, it is the main destination in the wintter for most tourists. Surely, when tourists increase mor and more, all entrepreneurs also increase more and more. In the past, traveling to Pai may have problems for many people, especially salary man who doesn’t have private cars yet. Someone has it, but they are not good enough at driving about 1864 carves. Nowadays, traveling to Pai is very easier than you think.
However, traveling to Pai is not the main article that I will mention because I have written in the article of Chiang Mai – Pai already. This occasion, I will mention about how we go around Pai when we arrived. It has to be worthwhile for a long trip.

First of all, roam around Pai

The question is how we will travel without a private car. Indeed, the private car is not necessary for traveling in Pai since Pai is a very small city.  Presently, all roads are connected. Every tourist attraction has guideposts sporadically, so motorcycle is the most suitable vehicle for traveling in Pai. Furthermore, don’t forget that there is lots of people flow in pai during the festivals. Therefore, traffic jam is a certain problem. Another problem is many tourists scramble to eat and tour. I am not sure that you visit Pai for what if you stay in the car for getting the cool air.

Street Walking Pai Thailand
The use of a motorcycle help you travel to everywhere in Pai easier. In addition, you can touch the Pai’s weather extremely, and reach the destination before others. That means the opportunity that you have more time to go other places all around Pai such as Pang Aung and Ban Rak Thai.

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