Chanlay Bang Khun Thian Beach Resort Near Bangkok

Beach Resort Near Bangkok

Today, I am at Bang Khun Thian. No! I don’t come to eat seafood, but I want to change a place to sleep. When I talk about Bang Khun Thian, I believe that many people think of a seafood restaurant. In holidays, there are many vehicles run widely.

They are not vehicles from other provinces. They are vehicles from Bangkok. For people in Bangkok, this is the freshest and nearest source of seafood.

As they say, there are hardly tourist attractions in Bang Khun Thian where attract tourists. In my opinion, it cannot compete with nearby sea such as Bang Pu and Bang Saen.

It has only place for watching pink dolphins. Furthermore, it has only one time in a year.

Chanlay Resort, Bang Khun Thian Thailand
The sun rises at Chanlay Resort
If we go to Bang Khun Thian, we will see accommodations sparsely. They may not be splendid resorts because most of them are homestays. Moreover, there are few people look for an accommodation in Bang Khun Thian since it is so near Bangkok that we spend time only 30 minutes for traveling.

I departed at 5.30 pm. I arrived in Bang Khun Thian at 6.00 pm. The place that I want to stay was the place that I have met accidentally. When I have seen the view of the accommodation, I can tell you that Oh! It is ok. When the day that I want to change the place to sleep arrived, I chose to come here at once.

Chanlay Resort, Bang Khun Thian This resort has located near Krua Machanu. If you would like to go to Chanlay Resort, you can look for the sign of Krua Machanu instead of guideposts because they are the same way.

Chanlay, Beach Resort Near Bangkok

Chanlay Resort Map

The resort is simple and clean. Importantly, I think that it has the best view of accommodations in Bang Khun Thian (a personal opinion). The resort’s shape is like U. there are three rooms face the sea, namely room 5, room 6 and room 7.

People who would like privacy ought to choose room 5and room 7 since they are at the edge. However, the room 7 is better than the room 5 because the view beside the room 7 is Bang Khun Thian Sea. In contrast, the room 5 adjoins a restaurant that it may has noise in the early evening. Nevertheless, I can tell you that it is very quiet at night.

Chanlay Resort, Bang Khun Thian Thailand
Chanlay Resort No7, Bang Khun Thian Thailand

As for the room 6, I stayed in this room, it isn’t ugly. Its view just is concealed by the room 7. However, the front of the room is the sea view like the rooms that mentioned above. When the sun sets is splendid. In addition, the weather is very good in the morning.

I don’t have the pictures inside the room for you thoroughly because I just want to change the place to sleep. I didn’t intend to travel and make a review of the accommodation. The pictures that you see are pictures from my mobile phone.

Chanlay Resort, Bang Khun Thian Thailand
Chanlay Resort No6, Bang Khun Thian Thailand

The cost of a room is 1500 baht that included a breakfast (boiled rice, tea, coffee). There is a restaurant in the resort, Krau Chanlay. Although, it is not a big or famous restaurant like Auan Song Thai, Krua Lung Ya or Jeng Krau Chaitalay, I confirm that its taste is delicious. It is suitable for a small and private meal with someone. Moreover, you can move your table for having a meal in front of your room. Indeed, I didn’t intend to have the meal at this restaurant. The reason was I went alone, so why I needed to have the meal in a big restaurant. I just ordered a few menus, then ate them at the front of my room comfortably. It was very better!

Chanlay Resort, Bang Khun Thian Thailand
Chanlay Resort No5, Bang Khun Thian Thailand

“I have known Bang Khun Thian, but where Chanlay Resort is. Bang Khun Thian is not a narrow place.” Somebody may things like this. I don’t have a plan for you, but you don’t worry.

You just drive into the restaurant zone in Bang Khun Thian. After that, will see the large guidepost of Chanlay Resort. However, people in modern times have both Google map and the resort’s Facebook. I think you don’t get lost certainly.

Let you take the cellphone number of Chanlay Resort, 081 641 7191.

Oh! This is not a blog, and it is also not a review. I write merrily until t get many lines.
In brief, whoever who would like to change a place to sleep, try considering this place. Don’t believe me abundant. If you would like to know, try it yourself.